No Naked Envelopes!

TIP OF THE WEEK – No Naked Envelopes!

Decorating your envelopes is a quick and beautiful way to make a card look professional and complete.

Beside the fox card you can see I glued a piece of designer paper to the envelope flap and then trimmed it. This is a great way to use some of your older dsp and makes the envelope so pretty.

Most often I just stamp a small image in the bottom right corner of my envelope. This keep s the image away from where you need to put addresses or postage and is like a sneak peek to the card inside. Doing this envelope stamping as you create your card saves time as well since you already have the image and the ink in hand.

Alternatively, I will occasionally stamp the flap of the envelope. This works well with large or repeating images (like the confetti in the birthday card below). To do this, I put a piece of scrap paper under my envelope and tucked under the fap. That ensures all my ink goes on the flap only and I can overlap the edges.

Any queestions, comments? I’d love to hear from you!

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